Dr. med.Horst Liebl
Dr. med.Horst Liebl

Founder of the Skin Reconstructive Therapy

  • The research group leaded by did the study and clinical experiments to creat the new Capillary circulation repair technology and the celluar treatment started.
  • At present, this technology has been used in more than 50 countries all over the world, and it’s popular.
  • Prof. Germano Di Sciascio
    Prof. Germano Di Sciascio

    International authority of Cardiovascular Disease

  • Director of Department of Cardiovascular Diseases in Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome
  • Chairman of Italian Society of Cardiovascular Research
  • Founder of Great Wall Interventional Cardiology Seminar
  • Prof. Paolo Pozzilli M.D.
    Prof. Paolo Pozzilli M.D.

    International authority of Diabetes

  • Professor of endocrine and metabolism department of Bio-medical University in Rome
  • President of the Italy Endocrinology and metabolic disease association
  • International cahirman of 15th Conference of Endocrinology and the 17th CHINA International Endocrinology conference and Chinese Medical Association
  • Gerard Bersand M.D.
    Gerard Bersand M.D.

    European authority of Anti-aging

  • Founder of European Anti-aging Association
  • President of European hormone anti-aging Club
  • President of EPDA
  • David Elia M.D.
    David Elia M.D.

    European authority of Gynecology

  • Dean of Gynecologic Center of France Hartmann Clinique
  • President of French-speaking Country Gynecologic Doctor Association
  • Honorary life president of EPDA
  • Christian Jamin M.D.
    Christian Jamin M.D.

    International authority of Gynecologic tumor and Breast cancer

  • President of Breast Cancer Association in France
  • Co-founder and President of gynecologic network school,
  • Member of Social Gynecologic Committee in France
  • Joseph Monsonego M.D.
    Joseph Monsonego M.D.

    Specialist of Gynecologic tumor

  • President of the European genitals infection and tumor research organization
  • President of WACC of International Foundation(prevention of cervical cancer in women)
  • Consultant of Cancer of WHO
  • Vincent Renaud M.D.
    Vincent Renaud M.D.


  • Mnmber of Geneva Global Doctors Association
  • Member of EPDA
  • Research Authority on human nutrition and micronutrients in Europe
  • ABL